The legend of Suan Ni embodies the Youngor brand.

According to legend, Suan Ni was the name of the dragon of the Eastern Sea, who possessed the qualities of industriousness, punctuality, cleanliness, and benevolence. Suan Ni’s father, king of all the dragons, saw these qualities in Suan Ni and placed him in charge of looking after the clothing needs of all the people in the world.

Following his father’s wish, Suan Ni left the sea and came onto the land, where he observed the clothing worn by the people there. He witnessed men and women adorned in clothes and straw shoes that left them shivering in the cold. He knew then that he had much work ahead of him.

Firm in his resolution to bring better clothing to the people of the world, Suan Ni travelled by sea and land, delivering silk, linen, and cotton garments to people’s homes. Not only did Suan Ni bring clothes to keep people warm and covered, but he also brought them elaborate garments and clothing accessories, further enriching their lives. Suan Ni worked without rest, visiting every corner of the world, his sole reward being the knowledge of his good deeds.
Suan Ni’s gift was not only his clothes, but also his lesson to future generations: those with a warm heart and strong resolve may themselves make a positive impression on the world as Suan Ni did.

Since creating the Youngor brand, we have remained steadfast in our dedication to making Youngor amongst the most reputable names in the business. Over the last thirty years, Youngor has become one of China’s most recognizable brands. In 2007, World Brand Lab’s list of China’s top 500 most valuable brands ranked Youngor number 52, valuing the brand at 9.181 billion RMB (USD$1.35 billion). This officially made Youngor the most valuable brand in Zhejiang province’s city of Ningbo, as well as the number one brand in China’s textile and garment industry. China’s Science Management Institute’s Enterprise Development Research Center and China’s Equity Evaluation Center estimated the value of the Youngor brand to be 18.721 billion RMB (USD$2.75 billion) and 11.564 billion RMB (USD$1.7 billion), respectively.

China’s “Acclaimed Brands” listing was the first official publication of the Youngor brand name. Youngor was one of the first brands to appear amongst the government-supported list of its national export-commodity “Key” brands. China has also granted Youngor numerous other distinctions including the titles of “Best Clothing Brand,” and “Best Menswear Brand” on multiple occasions. China’s Trademark Office places Youngor under its “Most Protected National Brands” heading.

When developing its brand, Youngor Group kept the ideas of “stability,” “advancement,” and “development” in mind at all times. After fully capitalizing on regional markets, Youngor worked on brand diversification in order to focus its attention on the most highly relevant market segments. Youngor Group chose to act through multiple channels and utilize a diverse number of methods in order to achieve the image of a successful international brand.

Stability comes from confidence in the Chinese market, products, and society, as well as faith in Youngor’s potential to grow and develop into a prominent international brand name.

Advancement refers to the promotion of Youngor’s brand into a recognizable, quality name. Advancement means acquiring a larger part of the mid-range and high-end garment market. This will allow Youngor to raise standards in the garment industry and nurture a positive image of the Youngor brand within the minds of consumers.

Development stems from Youngor’s exploration of new industries and fields of business. Development means exploring multiple styles, qualities, and classes of products, and bridging not only regions and but also entire industries.
We are taking the following steps to achieve our goals:

First, Youngor is diversifying its product lines in the clothing sector by placing them under multiple brand names, creating a “Youngor Mayor,” “Youngor CEO,” and a “Green Youngor.”

Second, Youngor is improving its industrial integration and knowledge of the industry by diversifying its dealings with other textile and fabric industries, thereby increasing awareness of the brand and utilization of raw textile materials, garment fabrics, and accessories.

Third, Youngor is expanding its business into fields outside the textile and garment industries, including real estate and equity investment. These new fields are being used in ways that amplify Youngor’s brand popularity. Youngor’s primary interest in these secondary industries is to use them to maintain the momentum of its garment industry.

Youngor has promoted the image of its garments by choosing its materials more selectively, demanding better designs, and ensuring the best craftsmanship for its handmade clothing. These changes have distinguished Youngor’s brand from ordinary clothing brands, and established Youngor as a maker of luxury garments.

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