Integrity is at the core of Youngor’s philosophy. Remaining honest and trustworthy is a basic tenet of good business ethics, and a practice which we believe will sustain Youngor’s development. A large part of Youngor’s success is derived from moral consciousness and a policy of fair play.

Practicality makes up the base of Youngor’s philosophy, and embodies the Youngor’s management style.
The foundation of a long-standing business may only be laid down with hard work and great concentration. There is a famous Chinese saying that says, “a gentleman may be slow to speak, but quick to act.” A day spent working dutifully is a day well spent. We believe that the most essential component of a successful business is the continuous creation of that which is valuable.

Responsibility is the principal to which Youngor’s philosophy adheres. Youngor’s social responsibility goes beyond providing consumers with quality products, ensuring the well-being of its employees, and generating results for its shareholders. In addition, Youngor feels committed to serving society and raising the standard for business ethics in China by remaining an example of a morally conscious business group.

Harmony is the fruit of Youngor’s philosophy, and Youngor’s greatest pursuit. To Youngor, harmony is achieved through the healthiest and most beneficial relationships between people, enterprises, and society.
Harmony can only be achieved through responsibility. We must take a personal interest in issues, and deal with those issues with tolerance and an eagerness to cooperate with others. When a person acts, they must do so with others in mind or there can be no harmony.

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