Youngor continues to make its mark in the shirt sales industry, as data from 2007 indicates Youngor has been the top seller of shirts in the Chinese market for thirteen consecutive years. Youngor’s shirt stand out for their robustness and quality, owed in large part to the 30-year history of our company’s craftsmanship, which uses a 72-step process in its shirt production. We also owe our success to our commitment to remaining technologically up-to-date and to our internationally-minded fashion concept.

Youngor Suits

Youngor’s suits have been the best sellers within the Chinese suit market for eight consecutive years. From the 1990’s onward, Youngor has been blazing trails through the suits market. Youngor has now been the leading producer of Chinese fused-interlining suits for the past two years. Youngor continues to perfect its suit craftsmanship and expand its repertoire. Our more recent developments include semi-wool lined suits, wool-lined suits, anti-wrinkle cool suits and magnetic therapy suits.

Youngor Casual Wears

Youngor’s leisurewear is made from cotton, wool, cashmere, and new functional fabrics. These fabrics have a range of appearances, from rough and rugged to elegant and ornate, but always retain a sense of neatness and style. Cotton, wool, and other natural fibers can be blended with dry chemical fiber fabrics and metallic accessories to yield a rational, calm, and masculine appearance, or they can be decorated with fur materials to exude a noble and natural feeling. The matching of fabric textures with a variety of design elements, such as interweaving, jacquard, color-blending, embossment, and clipping lends to Youngor’s casual wear a range of colorful and fashionable styles.

Youngor Trousers

Youngor’s trousers are fitting, comfortable, and designed to adhere to classic, elegant, and casual styles. Regarding their craftsmanship and production, Youngor’s trousers are created and processed on production line technology imported from Germany, Italy, and Japan. For fabric, we make innovative use of wool/cotton blends, Tencel/cotton blends, DP non-iron fabrics, denim fabrics, and other eco-friendly materials. We offer a range of styles, including ridgeless pants, tapered pants, baggy pants, and other casual and trendy pants in addition to our formal trousers—all of which contribute to Youngor’s vision of fashion and style.

Young T-shirts

Youngor’s T-shirts, fashionable and classic, are made from finely-spun double-mercerized cotton fabrics and processed using state-of-the-art technology. In order to meet the constantly evolving demands of the market, Youngor has developed new blended fabrics, such as Tencel/cotton, Modal/cotton, silk/cotton, and bamboo-fiber/cotton for its T-shirt clothing lines. In addition to using carefully selected, natural, comfortable, and functional materials, Youngor has developed T-shirts with various added functionality, including super-washable, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet, quick-drying, moisture-absorbing, and silk protein skin-protective T-shirts.

Youngor Ties

Youngor ties, made from select high-end fabrics and decades of experience in exquisite craftsmanship, may serve as the finishing touch in creating a formal suit that gives its wearer personal charm and charisma. With a variety of fabrics to choose from, including silk, polyester, wool, silk-blends, and nano-fabrics, along with a diverse number of design styles, Youngor ties have become a favorite fashion option for city-goers.

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