Hart Schaffner Marx

Leisure Wear Series

Our leisurewear items, while retaining traditional, mature, and stable style qualities, are designed with modern themes of comfort, ease, and quality that some might call a retro-American flavor. This clothing series includes striped sweaters, jacquard sweaters, cashmere sweaters, quilted cotton coats, down jackets, and one-piece suits and jackets that are reminiscent of western-style. Combining these items can meet a variety of dress and fashion needs. Major available colors include washed-in grey, dark green, light brown, light tan, and garnet. Appropriately colored garments can add fun and comfort to daily life as well as enhance other aspects of the lives and appearance of our male customers.

Urban Business Series

Our business fashion aims to create an atmosphere that is calm and delicate yet sophisticated, subtle yet stylish, and stable yet free-spirited. Our products go well with the character that time imparts upon men. This series uses black, gray, and blue for its basic colors, and dark purple, claret-red, blue-grey, and others for decorations such as fashionable stripes and geometric jacquard patterns. Our business collection includes one-piece suits made from cashmere and wool blended fabrics; striped shirts made from high-count fabrics; jackets, windbreakers, and cotton coats made from Japan Komatsu refined fabrics; worsted cashmere sweaters with dark jacquard fabric; and jackets made of imported suede. Based upon classic American styles, these items are designed to go with one another, and provide the urban elite with a large variety of high-quality daily attire.

Classical Formal Series

Maintaining a consistently high standard of quality begins at the stage of fabric selection. Our fabrics are picked from producers in Italy and England and include super-refined wool fabrics from E. Thomas and cashmere blended fabrics from Loro Piana. Our colors are classic black, grey, and navy blue. We also feature several specialized series of shirts such as non-iron, high thread-count fiber (140S-200S), and Xinhao Cotton (a high-quality Chinese cotton) in colors including white, blue, and pink. The series highlights a masculine image while portraying elements of gentleness and elegance.

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