Youngor began as a shirt producer (Ningbo Youth Garment Factory). Since then, Youngor has never stopped pursuing its interest in the clothing industry.

Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Youngor Garments Company Limited was founded in 1990 as Youngor spent millions of dollars in order to introduce over 300 sets of world-class equipment from Germany, Japan, the United States, and other countries. Youngor began producing high-quality shirts that rapidly came into favor in the market, establishing Youngor’s place in the medium-end and high-end clothing industries.

Japan’s HP non-iron shirt-making technique was introduced to Youngor in 1995. Youngor began applying the technique to its shirts and as soon as these new shirts appeared on the market demand from them soared. In October of the same year, Youngor’s non-iron cotton shirt was jointly awarded the first “State-Class New Product” title by the National Science and Technology Commission and four other ministries. Since then, dozens of domestic factories have been introduced to HP technology, contributing to their climbing popularity, which is rising at an even higher rate in China than in Japan.

In 1999, Youngor launched the VP shirt. It used resin-free, high-purity cross-linking technology, micro-computer controlled steam sprayers, rapid heating, and fine temperature control to enable the application of chemical agents into every part of the shirt skin, thus achieving complete wrinkle-resistance and doing away with the need for ironing. The treatment confers several properties to the shirts, making them wrinkle-free, shrink-proof, soft to the touch, easy to dry, moisture absorbent, easy to clean, color-fast, air permeable, and durably shaped. In June 2008, the VP shirt was awarded the “National Key New Product” title.

In 2004, Youngor released the Nano-VP shirt.

After 2005, Youngor introduced the DP shirt, a next-generation shirt. Youngor produces this shirt with high-quality, high-count pure cotton fabric. After processing with iron-press technology, the fabric maintains an outstanding anti-wrinkle effect even after multiple washings. Meanwhile, its permeability and water absorption become more favorable but not at the expense of the fabric’s surface gloss. These shirts are perfect for young, upper-crust members of society living comfortable lifestyles who wish to show off their modern style and a sense of accomplishment.

In June 2005, the Nano VP shirt was awarded the “National Key New Product” label and in August of 2006 it was given the invention patent certificate by China’s State Intellectual Property rights Office.

In March of 2006, Youngor’s marketing of the new DP shirt was carried out full swing throughout China. News conferences and other promotional activities for the non-iron DP cotton shirt were held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi’an, and thirteen other cities. This promotion was meant to further increase the popularity and reputation of the DP shirt, as well as consolidate brand loyalty for the shirt, and expand its market share. Despite its price of over 500 RMB (USD$75), the shirt is still favored by affluent society members after six months in the market. Though new, the shirt has already become a major item of profit for Youngor. In November of 2006, the DP shirt was awarded the “National Key New Product” label. Youngor is applying for a patent on the shirt.

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