Our Wool Textile Dyeing and Finishing R&D Center makes up the core of Ningbo Youngor Wool Textile Dyeing and Finishing Company Limited’s research and development division.

The research and development for this center has taken the form of introducing world-class instruments and equipment for research, conducting experiments, and working with international agencies in Italy and other countries in order to stay up to date with textile technology internationally. By researching processing techniques for yarn-spinning, fabric-weaving, dyeing, finishing, and other processes, the center has developed a number of high-grade fine wool fabrics which serve multiple functions. The center has developed fabrics that are wrinkle-free, elastic, self-cleaning, water and oil repelling, and easy to care for.

A large number of textile products have been exported to high-end markets in Europe and the United States, which represents a shift from previous years where our domestic market was highly dependent on imports. This center has become Youngor Group’s chief research and development base for conducting experiments, tests, and evaluation of high-grade fine wool functional fabrics.

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