Equipped with world-class instruments for experimentation and staffed with professional personnel, the center seeks to design, develop, and test hundreds of kinds of garment accessories, including hair interlining, fusible interlining, matching chest interlining, waist interlining, resin interlining, shoulder pads, pocket cloth, and others. Numerous items such as “two-point fusible interlining with universal compatibility” and “high-end functional garment lining” have been listed as “National Key New Products,” and “National Torch Program Products.”

The center also continues to work with colleges, research institutes, and production bases from other sectors. The Garment Accessories R&D Center, in collaboration with both the Military Equipment Institute of the General Logistic Department of the People’s Liberation Army and East-China University successfully developed fabrics and garments made from China-Hemp. China-Hemp fabric, a precious and scarce material, is known for its unique features; it is not only environmentally friendly, but also has the properties such as moisture absorption, air permeability, mildew resistance, and radiation resistance.

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