The Engineering Information Technology Center has collaborated with academic industry-research groups and utilized international resources to create Youngor Group’s Textile and Apparel Supply Chain E-Commerce System. This system integrates customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), product data management (PDM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and supply chain management (SCM). It performs many functions, including integrating supply and demand, synchronizing the group’s multiple business functions, optimizing corporate business processes and organizational structure, and enhancing the coordinated strength of production, supply, and sales sectors. In effect, the system hastens the company’s ability to react to the market and maximizes both resource management and information exchange between logistics, capital, human resources, customers, suppliers, and other resources. This rapid exchange of information greatly increases Youngor Group’s overall competitiveness.

The technology center has been listed as a “National Top 100 Information-Based Company” for five consecutive years. It has also been listed as a “Zhejiang Information-Based Model Company” by the Zhejiang provincial government. Youngor Group’s E-Commerce Project for its textile and garment supply & demand chain has been included in the state’s “Special E-Commerce Program” by the National Development and Reform Commission.

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