Smart Shirts Limited is one of leading garment manufacturers in the world, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. It has various production facilities in Asia, such as Sri Lanka, Philippines and China (Shenzhen, ChongQing, Ningbo and Jilin). There are over 25,000 personnel employed to perform different functions, processes and tasks in different positions.

Annual production outputs exceed 3 million dozens. A wide range of products such as menswear, knitswear, pants, women and kids are produced and delivered to different types of customers based on their needs.  Major customers in the global market . Smart Shirts  is continuously exploring the customer potential demands and promptly reacting to the market trend in the lifestyle, product features and customer service areas. Smart Shirts is agile, predictive, innovative and proactive to meet all these challenges.

The offices in the United States have been established to keep close proximity to the markets and customers. ITt provides pre and post sales services in the aspects of the product design, document handling, transportation arrangement, warehouse services.  Maintaining an intimate business partnership with our customers and  continuously invests in R & D resources,  production technology has empowered the factories to produce  high end product such as wrinkle free and dipping garments.

In the areas of production, continuous improvement with the RFID and IT technology has provided the on line real time data, to be able to identify the potential operation problems, solving bottleneck obstacles, reducing production wastage and shorten the production lead time.

Customer accredited laboratory facilities are set up and will be further enhanced in different factory locations to ensure the quality fabric and products are up to customer acceptable standard.

Recently , Smart Shirts being acquired by Youngor Group, this move further strengthens the partnership in the fabric development and handling. The synergic effects are to facilitate the Smart Shirts Limited providing the total “supply chain” solution for the customers. It starts from the up-stream services (fabric development), goes through the middle-stream services (garment manufacturing) and extends to the down-stream services (distribution logistics and customer services)

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