Ningbo Youngor Knitting was established in 1998, originally consisting of three companies: Ningbo Youngor Knitting Wear Company, Ningbo Youngor Knitted Underwear Company, and Ningbo Youngor Faxuan Knitting Company—all of which specialized in the production of knitted items. Today, with a total of 1,800 employees and 2,000 knitting and sewing machines imported from Japan, the company produces eight million knitted items and earns USD$25 million dollars annually. The company’s main products are sportswear such as Nike, Adidas, and other leading brands, as well as some mail-order brands such as Nissen. Ningbo Youngor Knitting exports 100% of its production to markets in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

The company operates an overseas department with a major production center. This department consists of four foreign trade departments, a records department, and a fabric development department, all of which are staffed with thirty or more English or Japanese-speaking professionals and technicians who comprise an ideally coordinated team for ordering, making samples, establishing prices, tracking bulk production, and tracking shipments.

The production center is equipped with a full range of management teams. Over twenty professional and technical personnel are assigned to garment CAD design, sampling, and processing departments. Forty additional skilled technicians are allocated to the sampling department, which delivers sample clothing for shows in a timely fashion. The center employs dozens of experienced workers who plan and supervise orders and coordinate fabric and accessory preparation. Another three teams of professionals track fabrics for bulk production and instruct craftwork.

The company has set up five garment workshops, two product-inspection centers, and three types of sewing production lines (large-scale, medium-scale, and small-scale). The company runs 27 large-scale production lines with 40 employees for bulk orders, 6 medium-scale lines with 26 employees for medium-sized orders, and 1 small line with 18 employees for small orders. Small orders may be as small as an order for a single tailor-made garment. With this range of production, the company remains poised to meet its clients’ every demand.

We have improved our production lines by continuously introducing new equipment. In 2007, we added automated cutting beds manufactured by US Gerber and the latest version of oil-free overlocking equipment from Yamato Japan. In addition, we have successfully re-designed our production lines to ensure quality production, reduce the occurrence of grease staining, secure water flow, and improve overall efficiency while simultaneously lowering production costs.

At the same time, we are utilizing a sophisticated yet reasonable system of management that is designed to turn a number of costs from some weaker operations into profits. In doing so, we aim to ensure that all of the members of our industrial chain become profitable, thus securing the long-term maintenance of friendly and productive cooperation.

The company’s facilities include a printing workshop and an embroidering workshop. The printing workshop is able to carry out watermark printing, offset printing, foam printing, transfer printing, and various other printing services. The workshop has the capacity to make approximately four million pieces annually. The embroidering workshop uses commercial embroidering equipment from the Japanese company Tajima and has the capacity to complete approximately five million embroidering pieces annually.

We count 15 fabric and textile producers and 8 dyeing companies among our close long-term partners. To accommodate our client’s requests, our company allocates material production jobs to our partners when necessary to ensure that we deliver the best quality products. This also allows us to operate more efficiently, maintain our production capacity, and ultimately provide the best possible service to each of our clients.

The Source of Our Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Perseverance, Sincerity, Passion, and Credibility

Our Corporate Slogan:
People: The Roots of Company; Quality: The Life of Business

We Advocate:
Love for Our Company and Making Our Company Our Home
Our Corporate Principle:
Teamwork, Solidarity, and Sincere Cooperation

For over ten years our exceptional service has given us a good name amongst clients and inspired many talented individuals to join our company. The company has entered a cycle of virtue, where our good faith brings us fortune and our fortune inspires more good faith. Our reasoning tells us that Youngor Knitting will continue developing this healthy momentum for years to come.

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