Youngor Sunrise Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. is the joint venture of Youngor Group Co., Ltd. and several world leading companies in the textile industry. The total investment of the mill is ¥300 million. It is chiefly engaged in yarn dyeing, weaving, printing and finishing. It is the home to most advanced production line of cone and beam yarn dyeing, airjet weaving and continuous roll dye finishing. The machinery used include warping machines from Switzerland, the airjet and rapier looms from Japan, Belgium and Italy and two finishing production lines from Japan. The mill’s annual production capacity is 11,000 tons of yarn for dyeing, 45 million meters for weaving and 50 million meters for finishing.

The company initiated production in September of 2003 utilizing a strong professional management and advanced technology. It has been developing steadily and has achieved its targeted goal in five months compared to two years set by Youngor Group. Meanwhile, the company has standardized the production and management and has achieved its goals in a short period of time compared to other Chinese textile companies. In addition, specific products of Youngor Sunrise such as poplin, oxford, chambray, seersucker, Indian fabric and flannel have already been popular among its clients and consumers. Furthermore, the R&D teams concentrating on the research of ETI, Teflon, Nano Care, Anti-bacterial finishing and UV-protective finishing have been working towards creating high-tech and multifunctional fabrics.

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