Youngor Knitting Fabrics Factory greatly benefits from Youngor’s other industrial capabilities. The company takes advantage of Youngor’s ability to produce cotton and fabrics, create garments, and both market and sell products. Thanks to our advanced production equipment, high-quality management and technical teams, and our power to develop new fabrics and garments, Youngor Knitting is now supplying world-renowned clients with 8,000 tons of knitted fabrics and 1.2 million dozens of T-shirts, casualwear items, and sportswear items.

We have set-up 100 new advanced production facilities in our knitting workshops. These facilities use German and Japanese technology for the production of jersey fabric, terry cloth, rib fabric, interlocking rib fabric, spandex fabrics, single-sided dobbies, double-sided dobbies, and other solid colored or non-solid colored fabrics.

Our dyeing workshops have implemented high-temperature air flow dyeing machines from Germany’s Thies Company as well as advanced dying machines from Hong Kong, totaling 69 units. These machines are designed to process all types of cotton, polyester-cotton blends, Modal, Tencel, and ultra-fine nylon fabrics. Our dying workshops also house a variety of sophisticated auxiliary equipment such as automatic weighing and mixing systems for dying agents, color detecting and matching systems from Datacolor / Orint Ex, automatic dripping systems from Italy’s Brahma Company, multi-functional rapid color-testing machines, testing machines from Rapid, and a variety of other precision tools and equipment. Additionally, our dying workshops are equipped with Kanban’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which applies the concept of lean manufacturing to precisely coordinate processing times, fine-tune production plans, shorten circle time (CT), improve efficiency, and lower costs. We operate the first Just-in-Time (JIT) production lines in the domestic dyeing and finishing industry.

Our mercerizing workshops utilize Japanese and German mercerizing yarn machines and mercerizing fabric machines in order to mercerize grey and colored yarns, as well as to produce single-sided and double-sided mercerized fabrics. Our finishing workshops use ten units of advanced equipment from Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in order to provide our customers with the added-value feature of a high-grade finishing.

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