In 1930s, a businessman whose surname was CHEN had taken producing interlining technology from India to his home-town-Ningbo, thus hair interlining was come into being in Ningbo.

The first interlining manufacture—ZheJiang YinXian Cotton & Wool Textile Factory was founded in 1956, it is situated in Ningbo. From then on, it bean to widely produce in Chinese history of interlining, subsequently, the brand YAK of Chinese interlining was come into being. For development of over 50 years, YAK Company has developed into the famous Garment Accessory Manufacture in China and issued stock in Shenzhen so as to become the first enterprise that issued stock in China’s Garment Accessories Industry. Its production capacity reaches 30 million meters every year, including more than 200 types. In following five years, YAK Company will develop into large-scale industrial group that has international leading level research center on high-tech products, international standardized production base and modern accessories logistic center.


Since the establishment of YAK, we continuously have invested a good deal of fund on research. From 1998, we have invested the total 26 million RMB on research and new products, set up the most advanced research center on garment accessory in China. Therefore, we have achieved many breakthroughs

1, Multi-part fusible interlining has been researched successfully and listed national-level scientific program by NATIONAL MINISTRY OF TEXTILE INDUSTRY in 1985.

2, In 1998 we successfully developed high elastic fusible interlining so as to break down the monopoly market from foreign products.

3, In1999 the 97 style uniform interlining for PLA has come into being.

4,In2000 the low formaldehyde and anti-shrink hair interlining were successfully developed.

5,In2001 the low formaldehyde and no-scald lining for underlinen is the first green environmental protection lining cloth.

6. The development of the double dot multi-function fusible interlining achieved the national paten and was listed the program as the national torching plan by the State Ministry Of Science And Technology in 2002

7. In 2003 the development of the anti-static electricity hair interlining achieved the national patent.

Service Tenet--- Respect market and clients

For a long time, because YAK Company unalterably implements the development of the brand, YAK have had over 400 the long stable clients at present and built up the sale net around China except Tibet. All products have been exported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Canada and Italy etc. After the technology and service with multi-channels and multi-levels were established, the service center for customer in Headquarter of Ningbo can offer lining, inspection and training service for customer. Meanwhile, we also set up 12- branch office in the key cities around the whole nation so that we can momentarily offer service for our customer, and implement better our Service Tenet.

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