Xinjiang Youngor Cotton Textile Company is a joint-venture established between Ningbo Yinzou ShengAn Knitting Factory and Ningbo Youngor Sino-Japan Textile Printing and Dyeing Company Limited (a key enterprise operating under Youngor Group). The company specializes in growing cotton and creating cotton products, as well as selling and exporting its cotton and cotton products.

Xinjiang Youngor Cotton Textile Company, located in the famous Chinese production base of Kashi, was registered on January 12, 2005 with an initial production capacity of 112,000 combing spindles per year. On May 10, 2005, Xinjiang Youngor Cotton Textile Company established its main location in the Bayangol Mongol Autonomous Prefecture’s city of Korla. This controlling company boasts an annual production capacity of 55,000 combing spindles.

In March 2006, the company began using a compact-spun cotton yarn production line that uses the EliTe and EliTwist process. This production line technology was acquired from Sussen Germany, and is capable of producing 20,000 combing spindles per year at our location.

In total, Xinjiang Youngor Cotton Textile Company is capable of producing 187,000 combing spindles per year. The company provides jobs for 1,616 people in labor and managerial positions. The company’s employees come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, with ethnic minorities accounting for 80% of the company’s total employment. Xinjiang Youngor Cotton Textile Company is the largest enterprise in the Kashi area.

Xinjiang Youngor owns and operates the following equipment:

1) Spinning equipment, including blowing carding machines, combing machines, and drawing frames from the Swiss company Rieter.

2) Roving machines and spinning frames from Taihang Machiner and Jinwei Textile Machinery (in addition to 20,000 ‘EliTe & EliTwist’ compact-spin machines from the German company Sussen), which are the leading domestic textile machinery producers. Key parts of these machines have been upgraded—specifically, the cradles and top pins have been replaced with those from Germany’s TEXParts, and the belt rollers have been replaced with Berkol belt rollers.

3) Automatic winding machines from SAVIO Italy (“Orion-M”) and Murat, Japan (“7-V FF”).

4) 115 Twisters from the Swiss company Saurer.

5) Cotton testing instruments from HVI Spec and AFIS Pro and yarn testing instruments from UT-4, UT-CLASSIMAT 3 and UTA-4; all of which are sold by the Swiss company Uster.

We have assembled an excellent team of management and technical personnel, as well as a set of skilled production line workers who have years of experience working with production lines. The company adopts IS09001:2000 standards for production control and 2001 Uster Statistics’ 5% level of control for product quality control standards.

Due to being located in the Kashi area, Xinjian Youngor enjoys superior cotton selection for its goods. The company is able to produce 20S – 220S combed yarn, as well as siro-spun, compact siro-spun, core-spun, polyester/cotton blends, cotton/cashmere blends, cotton/linen blends, cotton/linen/polyester blends, colored cotton, organic cotton, and other varieties of products.

These products, which we produce with quality standards matching the 2001 5% Uster Statistics level, mainly supply Ningbo Youngor Sino-Japan Textile Company and Youngor Knitting and Dyeing Company, but are also sold to other markets in the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, as well as to markets in Hong Kong, Japan, Mauritius, and several other regions and countries.

We continue to improve our quality assurance system as the company increases its production capacity. In June 2006, the company received certification for its IS09001:2000 quality management system.

A scientific approach to systematic management, combined with encouraging personal talent, has allowed us to form an outstanding and highly efficient team.

In the spirit of mutually beneficial cooperation and joint development, Xinjiang Youngor is eager to establish stable and lasting relationships with any potential client or partner, at home or abroad. Xinjiang Youngor Cotton Textile pledges to continue to strive to become a brand that is recognized internationally as a producer of high-quality cotton yarn.

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