Honesty is the basic moral quality to which every social being must adhere. Youngor greatly values employee loyalty. When selecting a prospective employee, Youngor’s primary criterion is to see that person’s mindset when handling personal or corporate issues. We believe that a person’s level of honesty embodies his or her nature, and will have a direct impact on their ability to work in a team setting, which is inherently built upon trust and affinity for others.


Through diligence, hard-working people find more opportunity. To be gifted is wonderful, but people must undertake great effort in order to truly develop their talents. Youngor always grants opportunity to such diligent people. In today’s complex market environment, Youngor needs hard-working and introspective workers to move the Company forward by promoting development, evolution, and progress.


To be steadfast, a talented individual must have both ability and moral integrity, both of which are indispensable. Youngor treasures the overall quality of an individual, valuing down-to-earth, hard-working attitude and spirit.
When a company takes on a talented individual, they expect that individual to use their expertise and strength in their field in order to conquer obstacles, innovate, and contribute to the growth of the company.


To be sociable, a person must be able to integrate themselves into society. A business is a microcosm of society—everyone in the enterprise must adapt and integrate into the company culture. They must accept gain and loss with a peaceful mind so they may fit into Youngor’s corporate culture of “Sincerity, Steadfastness, Responsibility and Harmony.”

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