Mr. Wang Zhaoguo, vice chairman of NPC, pays a visit to Youngor group
Date: 2011-03-22

On November 30, Mr. Wang Zhaoguo, member of the political bureau of the central committee of the CPC (Communist Party of China), vice chairman of the NPC (National People's Congress) Standing Committee, Chairman of Federation of Trade Unions paid a visit to Youngor Group. Mr. Xia Baolong, deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial committee of CPC, Mr. Wang Huizhong, secretary of municipal committee of CPC, and Mr. Li Rucheng, chairman of Youngor group, accompanied Mr. Wang Zhaoguo’s visit.

Wang said: "The high value of international fashion brands originate from its brand building operations. Chinese garment enterprises should learn from it, and not only make clothes for people, but also follow the road of brand building.”

Wang visited Youngor shirt factory, and asked in details about the employee's income and the equity distributions. Mr. Lee briefed Wang that Youngor’s trade union has a good relief mechanism, which will allocate the special fund of millions of RMB to support the staff in need every year. After hearing that Youngor group and its employees donated more than RMB 27 million to Wenchuan region, the earthquake-stricken area in 2008, Wang highly praised their patriotic move, which also indicates their sense of ownership representing their enterprise.  

After the visit, Wang encouraged the Youngor management to redouble their efforts to create more welfare for the staff.

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