Sales volume exceeds RMB 50 million in Ningbo flagship store
Date: 2011-03-22

In 2010, the sales in Ningbo flagship retail store reached RMB 50.3 million, which makes it the first one reaching the sales of RMB 50 million within Youngor group.

Image improvement is a required course in Ningbo flagship store every year.

The flagship store has rearranged the shirts section this year, which provides a much better shopping environment for the customers, consequently, the shirt sales has been greatly increased.

There are some innovation works having been done on shop windows and external walls in the flagship store’s four floors. And when the night falls, the shop, with illuminated windows and walls, has become the landmark building on Zhongshan road.

Meanwhile, the store actively improve the examination and rewarding system, which specify the monthly sales target, other than the yearly target set by regional sales management office. Those who exceed the sales target will be rewarded financially based on progressive coefficient assessment. Every store staff is involved in rewarding system, an by receiving bonuses and commission, they are fully mobilized.

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