Five brands launches in Youngor
Date: 2011-03-22

On March 28, 2010, Youngor launched several brands as MAYOR, YOUNGOR, GY, HEMP FAMILY all at once at the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair in Beijing, which signals Youngor’s new brand strategy, and also marks a new milestone of its brand building operation.

To accelerate the transition to a brand Enterprise, Youngor has set up five brand workshop, named as MAYOR, YOUNGOR, GY, "HEMP FAMILY " and Hart Schaffner Marx.

The brands of MAYOR, CEO, GY originates from the Youngor’s existing brands, focusing on the consumer groups of public servants, business people, young and trendy crowd respectively, the goal of brand subdivision is to further the brand positioning to form distinctive features;

"Hemp Family", as the Youngor’s self-developed green hemp fabric products, has been displayed in “China hemp life” shops in Ningbo, Beijing and other cities. Hart Schaffner Marx, a well-known brand from United States, is being represented by Youngor in China market.

Youngor's new brand strategy displays Youngor’s transition from a "manufacturer" into a "innovator". And the successfully developed hemp products have given Youngor more rights to make a voice in the fields of natural and green fiber production.

Meanwhile, after transition course from "production-oriented" to "market-oriented" strategy, Youngor is working on the visionary construction of "leading the market trend".

Youngor, focusing on new branding strategy, is taking bold innovation practices in terms of business concept, R & D, personnel training and other sectors, and now, the new branding strategy has played an immediate effect on the company’s further development.

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