Youngor’s brand “China-hemp Family” causes a sensation in Italy
Date: 2011-03-22

In December 2010, Mr. Lee Rucheng, chairman of the Youngor group, brought Youngor’s hemp-made products to Italy, introducing the latest technological achievements of industrialized hemp fiber in China. The summit meeting showcasing Youngor’s hemp fiber application not only attracted the attendance of China Consul General in Milan, the president of the Italian- China Foundation and other dignitaries, but also the business representatives from prominent enterprises such as Armani, Zegna, CK, Adidas and other European textile and fashion sectors.

The presidents of Textile Association in EU, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, spoke highly of the Chinese achievements in the field of hemp product development. These four Presidents commented that it’s a surprising achievement that the hemp fiber can be industrialized in China. 50 years ago, people in Europe were indeed very fascinated with hemp fiber, but the de-gumming process had been not been successful. They all agreed that prospect of hemp fiber was very promising.

Mr. Anthony, the president of Italy-China Foundation, said: “I chaired many international seminars, this one was the most successful by far.” His comments was due to the fact that the entrepreneurs from China and Italy have reached many co-operational frames in terms of hemp materials, designing concepts and brand building, as well as jointly developing new products and high-end market.

Mr. Lee Rucheng, the chairman of Youngor Group, had emotional feeling about this visit: we were warmly received which was unprecedented, the major reason is we have owned the independent intellectual property rights in hemp fabric development and achieved high-level technological advantages.”  

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