Youngor’s fourth Five-Year Development Plan
Date: 2011-03-22

On the morning of July 5, a cooperation agreement was signed between Youngor Group and the Business School of Renmin University of China. Experts from Renmin University project team, for the coming six months, will help Yougor review and summarize the Group’s history of 30 years, and produce Youngor’s “Fourth Five-Year Plan ". Mr. Lee stressed at the kick-off convention, we shall set the "Fourth Five-Year Plan" as a top priority on the working agenda.

Youngor’s continuous development has the inseparable connection with its ambitious and continuous new targets pursuit. Mr. Lee said: "there is an old saying, preparedness ensures success, un-preparedness spells failure. When a company has achieved a certain developing stage, we must establish clearer and higher objectives. To be exact, people in charge of Youngor companies need to reconsider the company’s long-term strategy, be actively involved in company’s policy and culture building, which will be promoting force of the company’s development.”

The company has set up a working team led by some group management members which is to direct the corporate cultural building; and then, other working teams in different companies consisting of company executives will put these cultural policies into effect within these regional companies and brand workshops.

According to the cooperation agreement with the Renmin University, both sides will jointly produce a 100-year enterprise system, as well as its strategy and corporate culture building. The subject team from Renmin universtiy will be divided into two task groups, and through in-depth research and interview, conducting the retrospection of Youngor’s development course.

Ms. Yi Zhihong, Dean of Business School of Renmin University, on behalf of the subject team, delivered a speech saying that today's rapidly changing economic environment demonstrates the importance of business development planning, systematic improving, and cultural reservation.

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