Youngor’s donation of RMB five million to "China Green Carbon Fund to Yinzhou"
Date: 2011-03-22

On June 27, China Green Carbon Fund to Yinzhou region was set up , this is the first special carbon fund at county (city, district) level. The special fund adheres to the principle of public welfare and feasibility, which will be dedicated to the project of "Forest Yinzhou" promoting ecological civilization by building mountain forest, large parks, and large rivers.

Youngor Group donated RMB five million to "China Green Carbon Fund to Yinzhou”, and Youngor was awarded as “The founding member of China Green Carbon Fund to Yinzhou".

Mr. Lee, the chairman of Youngor group, at the fund Inauguration Ceremony, called on companies and individuals to live a healthier lifestyle through the reduction of carbon emissions. Yinzhou District has set up the nation's first county-level Green Carbon Fund, which is used to encourage people in the urban areas building woods and forests to absorb carbon dioxide.

The purpose of Green Carbon Fund is to advocate donations for reforestation from the public and corporate; as we realize, more vegetation and forestation means more consumption of carbon emissions from our daily life and work.

Youngor’s status as the founding member of China Green Carbon Fund to Yinzhou, is an important embodiment of fulfilling the responsibility to address global climate change, and is also a public-welfare initiative to repay the society.

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