Brand GY makes debut appearance in Fashion Festival
Date: 2011-03-22

On October 21, Youngor's fashion brand GY launched autumn & winter fashion trends in Ningbo Marriott Hotel located at the banks of the Yaojiang River.

The autumn & winter fashion trend that GY brand just released was themed as “redefine the standard as ", and the scenarios were threaded by two designers’ observation on England, who are from China and Japan. The scene was London day & night; and fashion show, through England-style mix & match, displayed six fashion series named as England gentleman, cool rock, fashion jeans, new army uniforms, spies London, new mix & match rhythm, which includes over 100 sets of clothing, which also interpreted GY’s brand spirit as modern and rich designing sense.

GY fits in the needs of young white-collars’ fashion pursuit by paying attention to detail designing, high-end quality. At the initial stage of the brand building, Youngor sticks to the original design, seeks to cooperate with Japan’s leading design teams, and starts gathering international resources to develop its own designers’ team, and finally to introduce the management system which is practiced by international brands.

GY brand was favored by the industry since its launching day in 2009. Since its first appearance    in Suzhou, the brand at the moment explores its territory in east China mainly, and the market responded enthusiastically to the brand. Over the past two years, the brand has 73 stores, and the sales are soaring, which makes itself top three in most major shopping malls in terms of sales volume. For instance, GY sales counter in Wenzhou Intime shopping center, with the business area of 40 square meters, the sales volume reached a recorded RMB 240, 000 in a single-day.

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