Youngor’s 27 Million Yuan (USD$33.8 million) Donation to the Sichuan Disaster Areas
Date:2008-05-22 09:54

May 22, 2008, Ningbo Daily
By Wang Lan (reporter) and Shi Jingwei (correspondent)

On May 15, Youngor Workers voluntarily organized donation activities at the workshops of Youngor Garment City.

On May 15, Youngor employees were eager to make donations in front of the Youngor Garment City canteen.

On May 13, employees at the Youngor Fashion Pants Company were working overtime to make quilts to send to the disaster areas.

On May 22, Youngor’s donation of six million RMB worth (USD$882,000) of disaster relief supplies was piled in front of the Ningbo North Railway Station, ready to be delivered to the disaster areas.

Just yesterday, Ningbo Youngor Group decided to donate another thirteen million RMB (USD$1.9 million) to help construct a new school in Dujiangyan (an area that was particularly devastated by the earthquake). The total sum of the donations from Youngor Group and its staff reached 27 million RMB (USD$33.8 million), of which 21 million RMB was in cash (USD$3.1 million), and 600 thousand RMB (USD$882,000) came in the form of relief supplies.

When he was informed that a major earthquake had occurred in Wenchuan’s Chengdu City in the Sichuan Province, Youngor Group President Li Rucheng called the branch office in Chengdu to inquire about the situation there.

On May 13, Youngor Group donated one million RMB in cash (USD$147,000) and four million RMB worth (USD$590,000) of relief supplies to the Sichuan disaster areas. The group also asked its subsidiary factories to make high quality clothes and quilts as relief supplies to send to the affected areas.

In consideration of its production line workers, Youngor Group decided that it would only ask for donations from middle-management and above. To its surprise, on the day collections began, employees from the lower levels were calling the Youngor Group headquarters asking why the donations had not begun to be collected, and if they could give blood.

As the news spread that employees from Youngor Shirts had taken it upon themselves to donate, other Youngor subsidiary companies began setting up their own donation boxes and soon long queues of employees had lined up to take part in the altruism. The average age of employees in workshops number 23 and 24 of Youngor Shirt is 22 years old, yet these employees were eager to donate along with their peers. Some newly recruited workers were donating even though they hadn’t yet received their first month’s salary. One employee anonymously donated half their month’s salary. In place of their name, this employee wrote: “Given the circumstances, one needs no other reason.”

On May 17th alone, this grass-roots effort by Youngor’s workers generated 1.1 million RMB (USD$161,800) for the earthquake victims. Meanwhile, employees from Youngor Chengdu Garment Company were heading to the Chengdu Blood Donation Station to give blood in spite of their office building having collapsed due to the earthquake.

For days, feelings of compassion were quietly spreading through the company. On May 16, an instant massage asking for donations to the disaster area was being sent back and forth through QQ (a popular Chinese internet instant messaging tool). The following day, a deluge of both people and donated clothes filled the donations office to the point where it was too crowded to even conduct its usual business. Youngor workers began to arrange transportation for their donated supplies and to contact charitable parties themselves. Yesterday, Youngor employees bearing donated clothes filled a car on the train that travels from Ningbo City to the Sichuan Province.

Youngor Group has established an emergency relief program in the event of major disasters both at home and abroad. As one of China’s leading enterprises in the clothing industry, Youngor Group has remained committed to fulfilling its corporate and social responsibilities. During the 2008 Spring Festival, when a devastating storm was sweeping the southern regions of China, Youngor sent an initial donation of two million RMB (USD$300,000). Prior to that event, Youngor had donated two million RMB (USD$300,000) in 2005 to the tsunami-stricken regions of Southeast Asia. During the SARS epidemic, Youngor donated five million RMB (USD$735,300) to the Health Department in Ningbo, which allowed the department to purchase ten new ambulances with isolation chambers.

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