Supporting Agriculture and Hastening the Development of the “New Countryside”

While the group has remained devoted to building its physical company, Youngor has always been committed to developing the countryside as well. In 2000, Youngor paired up with Xuyan Village, a poor village in the old revolutionary base area, to conduct an aid program. Youngor’s specialists paid a visit to the village to learn about the living conditions there, and gave their thoughts and ideas on renovating the countryside.

The main road to Xuyan Village was made of gravel, which served as an inconvenient mode of travel in and out of the village. Youngor immediately put up the money for a cement road. The mountain roads leading into the farming fields were often blocked by boulders that had rolled down from the mountains and Youngor contributed capital for clearing these boulders and for building another cement road to the mountain. The villagers named the new road “Youngor Road.”

The water pipelines of Xuyan village had been installed in 1987, and had suffered severe damaged over the past 20 years. Many villagers had to get their water from the mountain ponds, which was unsanitary. When Youngor learned this in 2006, the group offered 500,000 RMB (USD$735,300) to re-construct the water supply system. The villagers were excited and clapped their hands in applause when the new tap water first flowed into the village homes. Youngor also funded the construction of roadside pavilions for the village and improved facilities in the senior villager’s activity rooms.

Xu Lunjun, Party secretary for the village, remarked, “Youngor has resolved numerous practical difficulties for us. Our village’s image has been greatly improved and life here is becoming more convenient. Their deeds have created a solid foundation for the future development of the countryside. With Youngor’s support, we villagers are more confident in our jobs.”
In addition to its relationship with Xuyan village, Youngor has teamed up with a number of other villages in order to help them cope with poverty. Youngor started a poverty alleviation program in the Yunnan Province with a 5-million RMB (735,300 USD) fund, as well as a relief fund for Party members in need. With Youngor’s assistance, many poverty-stricken areas are changing their image, and leading the way for developing the frontiers of the countryside.

Providing the Poor with New Opportunity through Education

While economic support can improve the image of a poor village, educational support can change a person’s life and cultivate talent that can serve the community for decades. Following this principle, Youngor has stopped at nothing to promote education, especially in poverty-stricken areas.

In 1997, Li Rucheng, the president of Youngor Group, was on a research trip in Guizhou Province. He discovered that many schools had run-down classrooms and lacked sufficient teaching equipment. He immediately donated 500,000 RMB (USD$73,530) to construct a “Hope Primary School” (“Hope Primary Schools” are part of a national program aimed at helping children in poor areas finish their primary education) in Majiang County in the Guizhou Province so that the children there could receive a better education.

When the school was completed, Li Rucheng was invited to attend the opening ceremony. When he arrived, 2,000 local citizens lined up along the roads to welcome him, showing their appreciation and reaffirming his belief in the importance children’s education plays in the community. Upon returning to Ningbo, he donated another 500,000 RMB (USD$73,530) to Majiang County.

Since that time, Youngor has sponsored the construction of over ten Hope Primary Schools in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Gansu, and Ningxia. In addition, back in Ningbo, Youngor built “Youngor Primary School” using 40 million RMB (USD$5.9 million) that it contributed, along with a “Youngor High School” for high school students. Youngor has thus done all it can to fulfill its duty to the development of local education.

By the end this year’s July, 400 underprivileged students from dozens of colleges will join Youngor as interns. Youngor has set aside one million RMB (USD$147,060) to support the students. Following the event, Youngor will arrange for them to have suitable posts in the company, taking into account their will and situation.

Helping the Underprivileged though Social Welfare

Remaining a socially responsible corporate entity is an integral part of Youngor’s corporate philosophy. Youngor is devoted to social welfare and to helping the underprivileged.

In 1997, Ningbo City was struck by a typhoon—a once-in-a-century occurrence. In response, Youngor donated 1.5 million RMB (USD$220,660) to the City and County Government and one million RMB (USD$147,060) to the City Charity Federation.

In 1998, Youngor donated six million RMB (USD$882,353) to the Re-Employment Program and ten million RMB (USD$1.47 million) to the Flood-Relief Program.

In 1999, Youngor donated two million RMB (USD$294,118) to develop homes for the elderly. The money was previously meant to be spent on Youngor’s 20th anniversary celebration, but the group decided it could be put to better use through charity.

In 2003, during the SARS outbreak, Youngor donated 500-million RMB (USD$735,300) to public health institutions in Ningbo in order to finance the purchase of over 10 ambulances with isolation chambers. This was both the quickest and largest anti-SARS donation made.

In November of 2003, Youngor donated 5 million RMB (USD$73,530) towards the establishment of its "Youngor Love Medical Fund" and began a yearly 500,000 RMB (USD$73,530) donation to the District Charity Federation to help underprivileged uremia patients who are in need of kidney transplants.

In January of 2005, following the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster, Youngor donated over one million RMB (USD$147,060) to the Ningbo Red Cross to support the reconstruction of homes for victims of the disaster. An employee from Youngor Suit Company, acting under the alias “Pretty Sunset”, took it upon themself to donate 9,980 RMB (USD$1,468). In Chinese, the number 9,980 sounds like the words “help it out.”

On the morning of May 13, 2008, Youngor donated one million RMB (USD$147,060) in cash and six million RMB (USD$882,353) worth of disaster relief supplies in response to the Wenchuan earthquake. On May 15, Youngor employees donated seven million RMB (USD$1.03 million) on their own volition. On May 20, Youngor Group donated another thirteen million RMB (USD$1.9 million) towards the re-construction of schools that were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. On May 28, Ningbo Red Cross issued a briefing in which it mentioned that Youngor made the first call to the Red Cross on May 13, asking to donate. Since then, Youngor Group has donated a total of 27,876,029.6 RMB (USD$4.1 million), 6.08 million RMB (USD$894,118) of which was in relief materials. This sets the record for the largest single donation from a company in Ningbo.

In response to this altruism, representatives of the disaster area expressed their gratitude to Youngor Group, paying tribute to Youngor’s entrepreneurial spirit and sense of social responsibility.

Since its founding, Youngor has donated over 100 million RMB (USD$14.7 million) to charitable causes.

As it enriches the lives of its hometown citizens, Youngor continues to establish itself as a responsible entity, thus bolstering its image in the public mind and reaffirming the positive nature of the Youngor brand.

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