Reducing Energy Consumption and Conserving Resources

Youngor’s energy consumption has increased due to the completion of Youngor Garment City in 1999, the introduction of new equipment, and increasing production capacity. Youngor has experienced a rapidly increasing need for water, electricity, and gas. In view of this, Youngor has become concerned with saving energy and has taken an active role in reducing energy consumption.

In 2004, Youngor teamed up with the Zhejiang Industry Design & Research Institute’s Energy-Saving Design for Air-Conditioning Institute in order to renovate its cooling water pumps into low-power, high-performance pumps. This project alone can save 600,000 kilowatt hours of energy each year.

In terms of technological improvement and daily management, Youngor now gives more attention to the energy consumption of machines and facilities when making purchases. In the first half of 2007, the lighting systems in every Youngor workshop were renovated, cutting down energy consumption by as much as 30%.

Shortly after introducing the processing equipment used for making non-iron shirts, Youngor spent 3 million RMB (USD$441,176) to purchase a sewage treatment system from Japan which uses advanced processing technology to reduce emissions to safe levels, recycle water, and conserve resources.

Green Energy and Clean Production

Due to rapid development in recent years, Youngor Sunrise Textile and Garment Company has experienced a growing demand for energy. The furnace oil originally used in the oil burning heating system has become prohibitively expensive and its fumes approach the maximum allowable emissions for environmental emissions standards. The company thus became focused on finding a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative.

After much comparison and research, Youngor began using coal-water slurry (CWS). CWS is a new type of clean fuel that is produced from mixing coal with water and additives then grinding and refining the mixture using specialized equipment. As a replacement for furnace oil, CWS not only reduces energy cost, but also the pollution produced from coal feeding and waste discharge. This solution brings about clean production and environmental protection.

The clean production concept is playing an increasingly important role in Youngor’s cost-control. Youngor’s management is now fully aware of the importance of environmentally friendly production techniques.

Youngor Sunrise Textile and Garment Company is presently applying for the “Clean Production Company” license from China’s National Cleaner Production Center. The company is taking this opportunity to further promote cleaner production and the use of green energy.

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