According to Youngor’s philosophy, a company must love its customers like a person loves their furniture. The emotional bond between Youngor and its customers originates from Youngor’s philosophical desire to be a “Merchant with Affection,” which is a nickname that consumers and partners gave to Youngor. Part of Youngor’s culture is to make “every stitch a bond of love.” Youngor seeks to unite the concepts “knowing” and “doing” as it practices its business.

In 2003, the Ministry of Commerce issued a list put together by China’s General Chamber of Commerce, titled “Top Ten Nationally Acclaimed Brands for After-Sales Service.” Youngor was the only clothing enterprise that made it onto the list.

In the early 1990’s, Youngor published its “quality confession” for its shirts and suits to newspapers, radio, and other media outlets. The “quality confession” was a release of all Youngor’s technical standards for key parts of its shirts and suits which asked for customers to submit their judgments. The act triggered a social dispute about whether or not Youngor was sincere or perpetrating a publicity stunt. It was uncommon at the time for a company to open itself up to the public and treat its customers in such a frank manner. Soon after the publication, Youngor created special clothing lines for people of extraordinary size and for laid-off workers, thus continuing its campaign of affection towards people of all walks of life.

Youngor’s extra services have been strengthened and amplified following changes in the company’s marketing and sales practices, specifically the increased use of self-run retail chain stores that have become Youngor’s major mode of sales and promotion. Customers experience Youngor’s commitment to excellent service upon entering Youngor stores, which feature different areas for shopping, relaxation, and entertainment, as well as product-displays and lighting arrangements that create a culturally enriched atmosphere.

Youngor aims to utilize technology to enrich customer service and is dedicated to meeting its customer’s demands. Youngor Digital Program, in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has established advanced and efficient systems for supply-side planning, logistics management, and electronic trading in order help Youngor rapidly respond to consumer demands and provide customers the best possible service.

In 2001, Youngor and a Japanese partner began to develop custom-made suit software, which has served as a pilot for custom-made suit services in the domestic market. Youngor’s brand of suits has been consistently well-received by customers, and has been rewarded the title of “Most Popular Brand Product” for two consecutive years.

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